Bicycling accounts for a surprising number of injuries and deaths, many of them caused by traumatic brain and head injuries.  About 90% of bicycling fatalities are cyclists over the age of 16.  About 85% of the deaths were individuals who were not wearing helmets.  The estimated number of bicycling head injuries that require a hospital visit exceed the total of all head injury cases related to baseball, football, skateboards, kick scooters, horseback riding, snowboarding, ice hockey, in-line skating and lacrosse.

  • 618 bicyclists died on US roads in 2010 (630 in 2009. 1,003 back in 1975)
  • Bicyclists 15 and under killed: 67. (11%) Injured: 12,000 (23%)
  • Bicyclist deaths represented 2 per cent of all 2010 traffic fatalities.
  • 52,000 bicyclists were injured in traffic 1n 2010 (51,000 in 2009)
  • Average age of a bicyclist killed on US roads: 41
  • Average age of a bicyclist injured on US roads: 31
  • Alcohol involvement (car driver or bike rider) was reported in 34% of 2010 deaths.
  • More than one fifth (23%) of the cyclists killed were drunk. (Blood alcohol concentration over .08 g/dl)
  • Fatal crashes typically were urban (72%) and not at intersections (67%).

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