A 28-year-old Alamance County man has been charged in Superior Court to habitual driving while impaired after he was found to be under Blog-Drug Chargesthe influence of the prescription anxiety medication, Clonazepam.  The man also pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance on jail premises when Clonazepam was found on him as he was being processed at the Alamance Detention Center.

These charges took place last year.  The man has two previous DWI convictions; one in 2004 and the other in 2011.  Police entered into a plea deal with the offender when he agreed to plead guilty to the DWI and possession of a controlled substance charge in exchange for the dismissal of a possession of a stolen motor vehicle charge and a possession of stolen goods charge.

Thereafter, the man was issued a 25 to 39 month active sentence on the DWI and a consecutive 15 to 27 month sentence on the drug possession charge with 122 days time served.

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