Tuesday night was grim for one individual in particular when a Charlotte man was shot and left for dead at the scene of the crime.Charlotte Personal Injury and Criminal Defense Attorneys

According to police reports, the man was found dead in his home off of Marlowe Avenue in West Charlotte a little after 11:30 p.m.

A neighbor was responsible for contacting the police, when she heard a group of men yelling at one another, shortly followed by gun shots.

The police have stated that this home in particular had been subject to numerous investigations in its possible interlinking to drug distribution and trafficking.

The police are currently canvassing the entire neighborhood in hopes of finding a witness who knows more details to to incident at hand.

Sadly, all that is known as of now is that a man is dead, and no one is stepping forward to admit or deny anything.

The police have been unable to identify any suspects in this shooting but strongly encourage anyone who had any information to contact the .

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