Every profession comes with it’s own set of risks. However, when you think of work-related injuries, you likely picture broken bones, falling materials, burns, or something of the like. However, work-related injuries come in all forms and fashions. Take, for example, computer eye strain. Computer eye strain originates from an obvious source— spending your workday staring into a computer. In fact, computer eye strain has become a major job-related complaint for computer workers. So, how do know when you’re on the receiving end of computer eye problems? What can you do to prevent it? And lastly, what can you do to treat the damage? 

Computer Eye Problems: Common Computer Worker Injuries 

Prevention and Management 

Comprehensive eye exams are a necessity when you spend most of your days in front of the computer. Therefore, it’s important that you take measures to prevent damage, but also to document changes in your eyesight in case of injury. When seeing an eye doctor, make sure to tell them how often you work on a computer, how much time you spend there, and they can test accordingly.

Take a break every now and then

.rd documents, or something of the like. In doing so, you might forget to blink or rest your eyes from time to time. Eye doctors have a “20-20-20” rule that they encourage people prone to computer eye problems to follow. Once every 20 minutes, look away from your screen, at an object 20+ feet away, for at least 20 second. Doing this 20-20-20 exercise gives your eyes a moment to relax, and reduce fatigue. 

Modifying eyewear 

If you wear glasses, or even if you don’t, consider introducing customized glasses into your daily uniform. Computer glasses can help to reduce or eliminate computer eye problems by reducing exposure to harmful blue light that radiates from digital devices. This is a feature that can be added onto your existing glasses, or you can get a specific pair that only have this function. 

In short, computer eye problems are extremely common for people who work primarily from the computer. However, that’s not to say every computer worker is will end up with eye issues. But, you have to take the time and put the work in to avoid it. See your eye doctor, express concern, and keep record of how your eyes improve, or worsen over time.