We all try and take steps to be a good friend to the people we love. Whether that means being there when our friends need us, answering calls, or delivering food when sick. Everyone’s love language is a little bit different. But, there will come a time in every friendship where we will have a choice to make: who is going to be the DD this evening? We’re all going out, we all want to have fun, but someone has to get us home safe. Your friend Sara did it last time, so it’s your turn. Being a designated driver is difficult for a number of reasons, but there are a lot of unsung benefits to taking this route, versus taking an Uber or risking the drive home… 

Designated Driver: The Benefits

1: You save money 

Going out for a night of drinking with friends can be a ton of fun. You drink, you dance, laugh, and have a great time with friends. While nights like these are always fun, they can also be quite expensive. Between buying drinks, ordering Ubers, and the inevitable drunken snack— the cost adds up quickly. While you likely have fun money set aside in your budget, you don’t want to spend it all in one place. This is where being the designated driver can really be useful to your finances. 

2. Avoid Hangover 

One of the worst things about drinking, is your body taking revenge the day after. You wake up with a headache, stomach ache, and not wanting to drink ever again. However, when you decide to be the designated driver, you aren’t drinking. And I shouldn’t have to tell you how not drinking can prevent even the nastiest of hangovers…

3. Keep friends safe 

One of the best things about being the designated driver, is you know for a fact that your friends are going to make it home safe. Because, well, you’re the one ensuring their safety. While you don’t want to be the responsible one on your weekend, there are some pretty inevitable upsides. Not to mention, your friends will be eternally grateful. 

4. You won’t have to do it next time 

Lastly, and most importantly, by taking on the DD responsibilities, you know that you won’t be the one stuck with the duty next time around. Plus, if you have a large group of friends, you might not have to do it for quite a while. 

Being a designated driver can seem like all downsides, but when you think about it— there are a lot of good things about taking your turn behind the wheel on a Friday night.