Being a business owner comes with a lot of ups and downs. From hiring, to firing, and everything in between— you handle quite a bit on a day to day basis. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that things are running smoothly every day. Every season presents its own challenges. However, when it comes to summer— the risk of workplace dehydration is ever-present. So, what can you do as a business owner to prevent any injury on the job site? 

Workplace Dehydration Prevention: Running a Safe Business 

Adjust break schedule to the weather 

Let’s face it, the number of times you need to take a break during the day varies during the seasons. The hot sun, especially when you’re working outside, can result in workplace dehydration quickly. So, introduce mandatory five minute breaks, in shifts, once every hour or two. You might worry about meeting goals when allowing frequent breaks. However, breaks in shifts will allow your employees to continue working towards your goal while avoiding injury.

Frequent water stations 

Along with mandatory breaks, make sure your employees are able to take full advantage of them. While we would certainly hope that our employees would come to work prepared— there’s nothing wrong with having their back. Install water stations throughout the job sight to encourage hydration. All in all, workplace dehydration is a strong possibility in those summer months, especially when working outside. You may be in construction, moving services, electrical, or a different field. However, you must meet heavy sun exposure with hydration, shade, and the like.

Reward periods without incident 

Another way to combat workplace dehydration, is to reward intervals without incident. Do breakfast once every two months, or an after work happy hour. Whatever method is best for your team. However, be sure to stick with small impact rewards, such as the ones listed. By offering large prizes, such as cash or vacation time— you might find that some aggression will grow after injury

Workplace dehydration is serious…

Not to mention, it can lead to even more serious conditions, such as seizures, kidney failure, swelling of the brain, and even coma. For these reasons, among many others— keep your job site stocked with cool water in every season. While summer makes it easier to be dehydrated— it’s a possibility no matter the weather.