Charlotte-Mecklenburg police recently set-up a checkpoint along the 6600 block of WT Harris Boulevard near Harris Center Drive in Blog-Handcuff and Jeansnortheast Charlotte.  The police were very productive in the amount of charges that were garnered as a result of the checkpoint with a staggering ten DWI’s in one night.  Other charges include twelve charges for people who were driving with their license revoked, seventeen for not carrying their operator’s license, two without insurance, three people for drug charges, and one was even found with a gun.  The total number of charges was an incredible seventy-two.

Courts within the State of North Carolina, as well as throughout the United States have found that it is in the public’s best interest to allow checkpoints to find intoxicated drivers as well as those committing various offenses.  However, there are some limitations with how officers may conduct themselves, and this can sometimes result in a dismissal or mitigation of a charge.

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