Work injuries are costly in a number of ways. For the company, for your health, and often, they are quite difficult to deal with. Not every job is as dangerous as the other, in fact, there are a few jobs in particular that make up the majority of work injuries in the U.S. Keep in mind that these injuries can be anything from bad slips, to cuts, or more severe injuries. Work injuries are quite common for a number of reasons. You’re often in a hurry to finish a task, and next thing you know— you’ve lost focus for a moment are facing injury. Some industries are more dangerous than others, and we’re going to tell you where they’re most common.

Three Most Common Work Injuries and Fields

Heavy Machinery Injury and Accident

Heavy machinery is, quite obviously, dangerous to deal with. You can be injured while operating the machinery, by being in front of it, working on it— there are a number of ways. The trouble with heavy machinery work injuries is that they have a larger potential to be fatal. Depending on how you’re working with it, and how you’re trained— there is a possibility for injury. The key to avoiding injury is to take the time for proper training, only operate under the right conditions, and wear the right gear.

Construction Related Injuries

As many of us know, construction is a very dangerous field to be in. There’s the potential for injury from a fall, something being dropped, or any number of accidents. In short, construction related work injuries are too common and can stem from any number of issues. Whether they’re on part of faulty equipment, a coworkers mistake, or failure on your part to follow protocol— construction accidents are often preventable. Ultimately, correcting this problem starts with more thorough training on safety protocols and checks by management. This would further train workers, but also, protect the company from being liable in the event of an accident.

Kitchen Injuries

Oddly enough, another one of the most common work injuries and fields is that of the restaurant kitchen. You might think otherwise, but the fact of the matter is— a kitchen is a dangerous place. Especially one in which there is a lot of food going out, hot oil, flat tops rolling, and boiling fryer. There’s a chance to slip on that hot oil, grease to pop in your eye, you to rest your hand on a hot grill top, or to cut a finger when prepping food.

In short, the opportunity for injury is abound. So, how do we prevent it? Non-slip shoes, proper safety protocols, proper safety training, and communication. If someone spills grease? Tell everyone. Just turned on a grill top? Tell everyone. Have hot food coming behind a bunch of bustling workers? Tell everyone. Non-slip shoes, proper training, and communication can help to prevent a number of injuries.