Working on a construction site comes with it’s fair share of danger. Between heavy machinery, welding, beams, building from a harness, and so much more… there are plenty of potential construction work injuries that doctor’s offices see each year. OSHA works diligently to create safety regulations that can prevent workplace accidents. Furthermore, each company may also include their own safety protocol in tandem with OSHA’s. However, due to the nature of the job, there is always present danger. In the event that you suffer from a construction work injury, it’s important that you follow the following steps…

Construction Work Injuries: What to Do After Being Hurt

Seek medical attention

Due to the serious nature of these accidents, it is important to seek medical help quickly. In the case of most work related accidents, you want to report it to someone before seeing a doctor. While this is still true of construction site injuries, still act within reason. In the case of an emergency, get help quickly. If it is not an emergency, report the accident to your site supervisor right away. Either way, if injured on the job— worker’s compensation should be covering that injury. So, if your injury is quite severe, don’t hesitate. Get help immediately.

Report your injury

As we’ve said, this step is interchangeable with the first one depending on severity. So, either way, report the injury as soon as possible— whatever that means in your case. The most important thing is that you’re safe, and as soon as you are, go to your employer or site manager and create a record of your injury. Write down the specifics, create the report, and ask questions. I’m sure you have plenty, especially about the cost of treatment. Ask about your employer’s worker’s compensation benefits and insurance. Stay in the know during this entire process.

Contacting witnesses

If there was anyone around to see what happened, get their names and contact information. They can become a vital portion of proving your case if your employer tries to dispute it.

Preserve the evidence

If there is any evidence of your accident, try to preserve it. For example, if you were hit with something, take photos, keep what hit you, if there is blood on the floor— anything at all that can be helpful to your case and claim, it’s important that you have that to refer back to.

Knowing How To Act on Your Case

Construction work injuries can be very common, however we never expect to be the victim. If you find yourself in a workplace accident, it’s important that you know what steps to take to protect yourself. While your employer might be readily available to help you, and make sure you’re covered— that’s not always the case. Therefore, you should know your rights, know how to ensure your own safety, and what to do if something does happen.