A Carolina Department of Transportation (DOT) worker was killed early this morning in a car crash.

Accordingly, the Police Department was forced to shut down large portions of Old Highway 421 due to the fatality. The wreck occurred around 5:00 a.m., right after  the DOT worker had left for work this morning.

No other information has been released at this time about this deadly crash, and officials are not releasing the DOT worker’s name until the family has been notified of this tragedy.

Wrongful death cases are multifaceted. A thorough investigation must be started almost immediately in order to preserve critical evidence in a fatality. Autopsies are almost always necessary to determine the exact mechanism and cause of death. There is the issue of whether the decedent died instantly or may have a “survival action.” The medical reports can be very confusing as they include external anatomy examination, internal organ examination, microscopic review of tissues, as well as fluid toxicology testing for drugs, alcohol, or disease.

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