A 69-year old man passed away after a motorcycle accident that occurred last Saturday in West Rock Hill. Wednesday, the victim was pronounced dead at the Lehigh County Hospital, after fighting for his life for four days. The Lehigh County First Deputy Coroner has reported that the victim died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Accordingly, the report reads that the victim was literally ejected from his seat, after he lost control of the motorcycle around mile marker 25.2 on Route 309. The accident currently still under investigation.

South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

It may appear obvious, but the dangers of rising a motorcycle highly outweigh the dangers of riding in a car or truck. Specifically, riding in a vehicle allows one protection, perhaps even slight, but still a buffer between the victim and the collision. With motorcycles however, the victim is not always afforded the same protection, as there is no ” buffer zone” to soften the blow of the collision. With winter quickly approaching, motorcyclists must be even more careful when travelling down country roads with icy patches and unseen dangers.  The motorcyclist’s vulnerability is immense, and the potential for a deadly motorcycle accident is always present, even for the most responsible of motorcyclists.

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