Like most industries that are predominately male, women in truck driving are automatically labeled female truckers, and not just truckers. Women face this in plumbing, in medicine, and all over other sorts of careers. But is that gender label the only adversity women face in trucking?

Female Truckers: Combatting Struggles

Breaking the Stereotype

Since the Baby Boomers have all retired, there has been a need for truck drivers. Women have began filling the open spots, taking advantage of the lucrative career choice that is trucking. Some companies have also began recruiting female truckers! These campaigns are a great way for women to feel welcome in this new field.

Additionally, women are notoriously better drivers! Safety wise, there are less accidents or issues with female truckers. Whether driving in teams or solo, women are proving there is a place for them in the trucking industry.

Safety Issues

While women should be able to do any job without fear, sometimes female truckers face trouble because they are simply that: women. While safety is an issue for all women, regardless of industry, female truckers should be aware of their surroundings. It is best to not stop at night in unfamiliar or unlit areas. You should also not roll down your window for anyone other than law enforcement or people you know.

Respect Issues

Bad attitudes clutter every stop and dock. Do not let the bad attitudes of these few ruin the amazing career path that is trucking. female truckers are strong, independent, and awesome. If you face criticism from some, don’t let it get to you. If you focus on your work, you will become more efficient and your employer will notice!

Work/Home Balance

For anyone in trucking, creating a balance between home and work is difficult. For men and women in trucking, using technology like Skype and FaceTime makes it easier to stay connected with your family and friends.

As trucking becomes more and more popular, you might not be the only woman at the truck stop for long! Female truckers are growing in popularity, and hopefully soon they’ll simply be labeled as “truckers”… Just like the rest of them.