A resident from Rock Hill was involved in a serious motorcycle accident this past Friday night that resulted in a fatality for the man.

According to the police reports, the man was driving his motorcycle southbound down Interstate 77 near Dave Lyle Boulevard in Rock Hill around 10:00 p.m. The man was reportIMG_0418ed to of not of been wearing a helment during the crash. The details are still a bit hazy as the investigation carries on; but the police do know that the man fell from his motorcycle, injuring himself.

Luckily, no other victims were harmed by this crash, and the resident was travelling alone at the time.

Rock Hill’s Captain of the Highway Patrol stated that the man had to be airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. The Coroner further added that the man was not pronounced dead upon arrival, but rather he lingered on until Tuesday evening, when he passed away.

The exact cause of the accident has still not been released. It is not apparent whether or not the man was intoxicated; whether or not he fell from his motorcycle in an attempt to avoid hitting something else; or whether or not there were any other parties involved who have not yet come forward.

In any event, travelling on a motorcycle can be a very dangerous means of transportation. The fact of the matter is the more metal you have around you to protect you in the event of an accident, the better it is. This is not to say that motorcycles should not be driven; however extra safety precautions should be exercised in doing so. In the case at hand, had the resident been wearing his helmet at the time, the motorcycle crash may not have ended in a fatality. Always follow the laws when driving  motorcycle, and even more importantly, always wear your helmet and NEVER drink and drive.

However, no matter how safe you are, sometimes injury can not be prevented. If you, or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact the law offices of Reeves, Aiken,and Hightower, LLP. Let one of our experienced motorcycle attorneys consult with you and get you the compensation you deserve.We can be reached at 803-548-4444 for South Carolina accidents, and at 704-499-9000 for North Carolina Accidents.