A 56-year old Fort Millian and Veteran claims to be a proud American, but he is not too proud to beg for help in the most public manner.

The resident is not homeless, however he claims that he does not have enough money to pay his bills, and will eventually not have enough to keep his home. Apparently a few week ago, he decided to start panhandeling in different locations around Fort Mill. He is not a loud man, as he lets his sign around his neck speak for itself stating: ” Veteran not working because I have suffered a job related disability.”

According to the Fort Mill resident, he was injured while working at a Charlotte plant back in 2012. The resident claims that he still is suffering from lingering injuries.

He was awarded a small settlement, but that money is almost gone, and without being able to work, the resident has turned to begging while he await for his disability to be approved.

After being injured at work, many of our clients are initially afraid of losing their jobs and are not sure if they even want to pursue a claim. In these difficult times, these are good people in tough financial situations that need help. Attorney Robert J. Reeves has practiced workers’ compensation law for over 22 years and knows how to protect your rights as well as your job.

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