No matter what gear you have on, getting stuck in the rain on a motorcycle is no easy task. Sometimes weather can change quickly out on the road, and we find ourselves in the middle of a rainstorm. Unlike cars, riders only have two wheels, a helmet, and the jacket on their back to protect them. For this reason, if you’re riding through rain, you are at risk for a serious accident. Whether it is hydroplaning, someone else’s error, or just a slick oil spot, riders remain at risk of injury.

Getting Stuck Riding in Rain: A Hazard to Riders

Take for example, a rider getting stuck in the rain on an interstate. While rain takes time to pick up and start pouring, there is little any rider can do. If there is construction along the shoulders, there is nowhere to pull over and put on a rain jacket or thicker gear. Not to mention, likely, you don’t have emergency wet weather gear. At any rate, a rider is pretty much out of luck. Your gear is wet, your visor is slick with rain, and you’re ready to be home.

How can I prepare?

We have to take measures for our own safety. However, rain is difficult to prepare for. You can put rain resistant material onto your visor, have a waterproof jacket, but most of the danger lies in the roadway. Oil spots, cars that drive erratically, and lowered visibility. Ultimately, all you can do is slow down, try and make yourself more visible, and pull over when the going gets tough.

If unable to pull over, riders can only do so much to protect themselves. For one, a rider can slow down to have a safe control over their motorcycle. If cars fail to let a rider merge onto an outer lane, any rider has to keep moving. However, by this time, the rain could pick up more and the rider will be at even more risk. If a motorcycle begins to hydroplane, the rider can only do so much with two wheels.

Plan ahead

The best move you can make for yourself, is to plan for the weather. Check the forecast before you head out. You’re at a higher risk of injury, or just a miserable ride if it begins to rain. So, drive safe, check the weather, and maybe invest in some warm weather gear. You never know what these North and South Carolina days may bring! Happy riding.