If you ride motorcycles, you know that group motorcycle riding can quickly become one of your favorite pastimes. It’s just you, like-minded people, and the open road— what could be better than that? Group motorcycle riding is a fun to do, but not all car drivers see it that way. In fact, many Americans that own passenger cars think of riders as reckless people on the road. On the other hand, riders are responsible people who just want their share of the road. Because of the bad stereotype against motorcyclists, car drivers often do not fully share the road with them. At any rate, when motorcyclists ride in groups they are at risk because cars can drive aggressively around the group.

Group Motorcycle Riding: Kicking the Stereotype

Seeing a group of motorcyclists should not become a headache for any other vehicles on the road. However, many cars remain intimidated when a large group of riders take to the road. In turn, they might slow down, speed up, block you out, or begin to drive aggressively. When riding in groups, riders generally stay in a formation, and only pass other vehicles individually. Sadly, car drivers may try to break the group up by not letting another rider over. If a car begins to drive aggressively, it can be a potential threat for riders.

Adjusting to potentially aggressive drivers

Although we cannot control what car drivers do, we can control how we react to aggressive driving. No doubt, group motorcycle riding is safer than riding alone. However, with aggressive drivers, it is best to break formation if a car drives dangerously. Although it may disrupt the enjoyment of the ride, safety is always a priority. It only takes one car driving with aggression to cause a wreck that ends with serious injuries. In other words, it is important that safety is still a priority while also enjoying the group ride.

Accounting for the driving habits of others is difficult, and cannot always be accurate. However, these small adjustments might just be the thing that saves you, or your riding buddies, from a potentially severe accident. So, drive safe, have fun, and keep an eye out. You never know what might lie on the road ahead when group motorcycle riding.