A work injury can be difficult to overcome both physically and mentally. However, recovery is likely the first thing on your mind. Getting back into the swing of things post-injury is a top concern for most injured workers. You want to go back to work, regain your lifestyle, and go back to your social spheres. But, before you can do that, you have to focus on your health and wellness. That’s where healthy recovery behaviors come into play…

Healthy Recovery Behaviors: Regaining Your Groove 

Stick to the recovery plan 

Your doctor is a pro at this, and the best way to recover quickly— is to honor their wishes. Every injury is different. Therefore, every treatment plan will be a bit different as well. As an injured worker, you have a duty to get back to 100% as quickly as possible. Furthermore, by doing so, you ensure that your employer does not try to deny you of your worker’s comp benefits. Healthy recovery behaviors vary based on your injury, but this one always remains the same. 

Set realistic recovery goals 

Being injured heavily hinders your typical quality of life. You might be missing yoga class, a night out with friends, or a few goals you’d set before the injury. Therefore, it’s not unusual for you to feel sad, lonely, or ‘in a funk’. However, finding ways to combat those feelings is a true sign of healthy recovery behaviors.

Therefore, it can be helpful to set recovery goals. Setting goals for yourself, even when they’re small, can help you to feel a sense of accomplishment— and get a few things done along the way. Consider doing your taxes before the deadline, convert your files to digital, or start a donations pile of old clothes you no longer wear. Whatever limitations you have with your injury— honor them, and do not exert yourself. But, a little mental sweat never hurt anyone. 

Balance your diet 

Give your body the fuel it needs to heal. Vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A/B/C/D, calcium, zinc, and copper can promote a healthy immune system and tissue growth. By choosing the right, health-conscious, foods— you’re practicing healthy recovery behaviors. However, you don’t have to be all disciplined. Balancing your diet also means indulging a little bit as well— however moderation in key. 

Healthy recovery behaviors are a practice that any person facing injury should consider in terms of regaining strength and wellness. You want your body strong, your mind clear, and to avoid those injury blues that so many people face. We offer our condolences for this difficult time, and extend our services if you find that you may need them. Every employer is different, and many will do right by you in this event. However, if they do not— we are here for you.