istock-keys and red liquorAccording to recent studies coupled with new South Carolina Car Insurance Laws, there are 246 different ways to insure your vehicle, but only 7 companies will award you lower rates if you drive your vehicle less than 25 miles per day. Even fewer of them will give you a discount if you have never been charged or convicted of a DUI; but they are out there if you look.

Have you ever noticed that there are some places that if you pay for your purchase in cash, you will get some sort of discount? You probably went to this place 100 times before someone told you to “ask for that 10% discount they always give me when I pay in cash.” Well, insurance companies are the same way. They are not going to list the amount of discounts you can obtain without you asking. So when you are searching for someone to insure your vehicle, know what to ask for.

Some important factors that may lower your rates are the following: clean driving record; less than 40 miles a day; if you haven’t been involved in an auto accident for over a year; if you are over the age of 25; if your car has airbags equipped in it; and lastly, some will award discounts if you have never been convicted or charged of a DUI.

That’s right. Just like you get punished for driving while intoxicated, some insurance companies will reward you if you don’t drink and drive.

What is important to note is that each state and insurance company is going to have a different policy or “so called bundle” available to help lower your rates. Unfortunately, the only way to truly find the lowest rate is to research each company on your own.

We at Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower,LLP hope that you found this information helpful. Often times we struggle with Car Insurance companies and the policies our clients have submitted themselves into prior to being involved in an auto accident.

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