A 24- year-old  Marine lost his life this past weekend after being involved in a car accident in one of the most deadly stretch of Interstate that I-95 has to offer.

Statistics have shown that there is a particular section of this highway that is infamous for numerous accidents within the bounds of the roadway. The number of accidents is extraordinary since the year has begun: 132 car accidents so far in the same area of I-95 in Florence County for 2012.

The  South Carolina Department of Public Safety ( SCDPS) believes this number will increase as the year and holiday season begin. 2011 was a grizzly one as well, reporting 220 car accidents in the ” deadly stretch.”

Drivers who use I-95 on a regular basis have been offering suggestions on how to reduce the number of car accidents, but have not yet been fully heard. Daily driver, Natalie Bates spoke out and suggested that ” if the lanes were wider…if the road was in better condition, [or] if there were some signs showing speeds that people are going.” She additionally noted how is more State Patrol cars were available to monitor the speed, the incident number may also decrease.

Ultimately, the main issue boils down to the fact that the speed in the ” deadly stretch” is an extraordinary 75 mph! The SCDPS has reported that more than 50% of the accidents that occur on this roadway can be attributed to the speed of the drivers. And with 75 mph as the base, drivers are inclined to travel anywhere upwards to 90 mph at any given point, almost tripling the death rate if the car were to collide with another at that rate.

Common drivers of the highway also believe that vacationers on the way to the beach contribute to the accidents, as they are not as familiar with the roadways, speeds, and turns that the highway has in store.

Public Safety Officials have repeatedly encouraged drivers to follow the posted speed, and to not allow the 75 mph posting to be pushed beyond its limits. Speeding is the number one cause of accidents that happens on the roadways. Couple speeding with distraction and you have the perfect recipe for disaster.

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