A local young adult, at age 20, is currently behind bars after he led the local Police Department on a moped chase, at a mere 20 m.p.h.DUI Defense Attorney

We don’t know how far he got travelling at that speed, but it is safe to assume that the police caught up to his fairly quickly.

The Police charged the 18-year-old after apprehension with three seperate charges” ” running / fleeing from the blue light,” ” providing the polcie with false information,” and ” operating a vehicle while intoxicated, underage.”

The police were first alerted to the area of Olivia Drive in Dorchester, for a vehicle pursit. The police then stated when they arriced, they were informed that the driver was intoxicated,but just driving a moped.By the time they got to themoped, the defendant had taken off on foot after tossing his moped in a ditch, in an attempt to evade the police arrest. The police saw a man with the same discroption that the eye witnesses provided, and saw him running next to another man, who was incidentally on a moped as well.

The defendant tried yo jump onto his frien’s moped, but was unsuccessful, injuring himself after making an intoicated leap.

When a person attempts to flee from the police, there are then deemed by the South Carolina State Law as a “Fugitive from justice.”

A fugitive from justice is defined in South Carolina Section 16-23-10 as “any person who has fled from or is fleeing from any law enforcement officer to avoid prosecution or imprisonment for a crime of violence.” S.C. Gen Stat. 16-23-10(2012).

Once you are titled a fugitive from justice, it will remain on your permanent record. Anyone who flees from the police, whether via car chase, or on foot such as the situation above, will have this title that may follow them the rest of their lives. it may in fact affect future employment opportunities, or even raise your insurance rates.

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