The Spring and Summer months bring with them quite the heat wave. This is great for a number of reasons. You can get a tan, go back out on the lake, lay by the pool… the possibilities are endless, and pretty great. But, when it comes to keeping cool on your bike— it can be quite challenging (if you wear the right gear, that is).  When you think of your typical bikers’ gear, breathable isn’t really the first word that comes to mind. But, there are actually quite a few options for keeping cool.

Keeping Cool in the Summer for Bikers… Without Sticking Ice Down Your Shirt

Staying cool starts with staying hydrated

First things first, it’s important to understand that you’re going to sweat; it’s inevitable. There are moisture wicking technologies, and perforated jackets— which we’ll get to in a second. But, ultimately, you have to hydrate. Part of hydrating is to allow your body to have something to sweat out. Invest in a quality water bottle— I suggest brands such as Hydroflask (it stores ice for around 48 hours without melting). Cold water is refreshing, it makes you feel cooler, and you’re hydrating… the ultimate triple threat.

Invest in warm weather gear

Obviously, you have to keep covered. Wearing a t-shirt when you ride will give you a sunburn and leave you pretty susceptible to harm if that summer traffic gets a little crazy. Plus— fun fact: heavy winds dry your skin out and make you dehydrated as well. So, invest in warm weather gear!! Research hot weather jackets, and perforated jackets. The Fly Flux Air Jacket is made for hot weather, and has a removable water resistant liner. It’s mesh, lightweight, and pretty affordable. Pair a quality jacket with a sweat wicking dry fit shirt, and you’ll stay much cooler than you’d like to think. You also might want to look into cool towels, such as the Frogg Togg’s.

Other than that, avoid midday heat

We provided a few means of staying cool above, but ultimately, your best bet is to avoid the midday heat. Take an early morning right, and early evening ride, or wait for a cooler day. When it comes to beating the heat, your front runner is always that of not going outside. But, if you can’t stand to skip that beautiful coastline crawl, be sure to prepare for the weather!