Having your driver’s license suspended in the state of South Carolina can be an astronomical burden for you, and for those around you who now have to drive you around. The Soutistock-keys, liqor, and gavelh Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle has, however, listed the most common types of suspensions, how long the suspension will last, and what the reinstatement fee can be.

Some of the most common suspensions typically arise from driving under the influence of alcohol.

For your first DUI offense in South Carolina, your license will be suspended for six months. If you receive a second DUI conviction, your license will be suspended for an entire year. On your third offense, your license will be suspended for two whole years. If you somehow receive a fourth DUI offense in this state, your license will be suspended for 3 years, plus any time that you may have served.

This holds true for a Felony DUI as well. Due to the nature of the DUI, meaning that someone was seriously injured or killed when you were drunk driving, your penalties will be the same as though you have received your fourth DUI, even if it is your first offense, if it is considered a Felony DUI.

This all may sound confusing, and it can be. You do not have to go at it alone. If you have been charged with a DUI, contact an attorney immediately to have them help you work through the process, from beginning to end. At Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower, LLP, we are ready to take that step with you. Contact us toll-free at 877-374-5999 for more information on your options.