We’ve all heard about some wacky laws. For example, you can only have silly string in a private home in a part of Connecticut, not in public. Little known traffic laws in South Carolina are a little less silly, but still sometimes come as a surprise to some. If you’re a South Carolinian or going to be visiting the state soon, make sure you know about these laws to prepare yourself!

Little Known Traffic Laws: South Carolina

Bumper Stickers

This is one of the extremely helpful little known traffic laws for those crossing the South Carolina border. In the state, it is illegal to have bumper stickers on your car that display “obscene or indecent” words or pictures. If written a citation for this, the fine could be up to $200. Don’t worry, though. This citation is rare.

Emergency Vehicles

You must pull over to the far lane for emergency vehicles. While this is probably the more popular of the little known traffic laws we are discussing, it’s very important. If you cannot pull over, you must slow down. The fine for failing to do so can cost anywhere between $300 and $500.

Motorcycles and Red Lights

If you ride a motorcycle and have found yourself waiting at a red light too long, you’ll be happy to hear about little known traffic laws that let you break the law, kind of. If you are waiting at a red light and it has failed to turn green after 120 seconds, you may proceed with caution and proceed. Keep in mind, if your action causes an accident, you’ll be found at fault. This will come with a $100 and four points on your license.

Slow Traffic

It is illegal to drive slowly in the left lane. Specifically, this is one of the little known traffic laws that actually prohibits you from stayingin the left lane. Slower traffic must stay in the right lane to keep from traffic building up behind both lanes.

Some little known traffic laws are not actually laws. For example, you should pull over for funeral processions as a courtesy, but it’s not a law. Similarly, driving with headphones in is not illegal, but dangerous. These actions will not get you a ticket, but out of respect or safety, it is best to avoid these behaviors.