Fort Mill Personal InjuryA Pacolet, South Carolina man was arrested after another man was allegedly run over by a car in the backyard of a home on Memorial Drive.  The 50-year-old defendant was charged with driving under the influence with great bodily injury, and second-degree assault and battery, according to the arrest report.  When the officers were called, they found that the assailant had allegedly backed over the 54-year-old victim with his truck; however, the defendant stated that the other man’s “leg was broken before the accident.”

The circumstances surround the arrest of the man occurred while EMS workers were assisting the victim, the driver pulled out a knife and the workers had to wrestle him to the ground.  In addition to his drinking behind the wheel, the man’s knifing attempts resulted in another charge.  He is being held at the Spartanburg County Detention Facility on a $15,000 bond.

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