A Lexington, South Carolina man, who was accused of striking and killing another manPersonal Injury Attorney while he was walking down Lake Murray Boulevard this past January, has just been released from jail. This occurred about a week after the judge denied his bond, which was denied the day following the accident. 

The man was released on a bond that was set at $250,000, when a Lexington County judge ruled that this amount would be sufficient, according to court records.  Further, his conditional release stipulates that the man does not have any contact with the victim’s family, he must submit to random drug tests, and he must stay within a close proximity to Columbia, South Carolina.

The driver is employed as a Family Practice physician in Lexington.  When officers inquired as to what caused him to hit the victim, he replied that he was swerving; and, that he blacked out, like narcolepsy, as he was trying to get home.  This is according to the incident report.  The man further stated that he had not been drinking that evening, although the officers report that his eyes were “bloodshot, watery, and droopy.”

After this, police had the man engage in a series of field sobriety tests, of which he allegedly performed poorly.  However, alcohol was not present in the breath-test.  He was taken to the Lexington Medical Center for further testing. 

If you or a loved one has been charged with driving under the influence, or driving under the influence with great bodily injury or death, you must contact competent legal representation.  The results of the drug and alcohol tests above have not been released to the public.  If they come back negative, the man may have been being truthful when he stated that he was suffering from a form of narcolepsy.  However, if they come back positive, he will likely be charged with DUI resulting in death, which can carry a stiff sentence.

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