A resident from Lancaster County, South Carolina, passed away last month due to a motorcycle accident that had occurred earlier in the month. The victim clung onto life for about a week, before she finally perished.

According to the reports, the motorcycle accident occurred on S.C. 5, around 4:45 p.m. The victim was riding a 1997 Kawasaki motorcycle westward on S.C. 5, about 12 miles north of the Lancaster county line. The collision occurred when a vehicle traveling east on S.C.5 turned left onto Steel Hill Road, and immediately collided with the victim’s motorcycle. Subsequently, the victim was airlifted to a hospital in Charlotte.

 Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Statistically, when motorcycles are involved in accidents with other vehicles, 77 percent are hit from the front, whereas only 7 percent are struck from behind. Of these numbers, 47 percent of the accidents tend to be fatal to the motorcyclist.  More than half of these fatal accidents are due to the other vehicle turning left, and 75 percent of the accidents are due to the other driver not being able to see the motorcyclist.

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