If you’ve been in the motorcycle game for some time now, you’ve likely learned a few motorcycle hacks along the way. But, for new riders— they might not have learned those tricks of the trade yet. From old-school Apple Maps, to keeping the sun out of your eyes— there are plenty of ways to make your ride a little easier, and maybe even quicker….

Motorcycle Hacks: Being A Smart and Cool Rider

The magnet trick(s)

If you have a bluetooth helmet that can read you directions— good for you! But, some of us might not have that luxury quite yet. So, we’ve got just the hack for you. So, let’s say you have your directions written down on a piece of paper that you need to reference every now and then. It’ a bit hard to steer the motorcycle, and read your directions. So, grab a few magnets, and stick them to the metal on your bike. They’ll hold on easy, and they can keep your written directions in an easily viewable spot. These motorcycle hacks are pretty cool, right?

Our second magnet trick is a great way to help you shave off some travel time. If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle— you know that stoplights can be pretty problematic. Usually, a motorcycle isn’t going to trigger those sensors to let the light know you need it to turn. So, attach a few magnets to the bottom of your bike. Why? Because the electro-magnetic force of a bike is pretty weak, but add on those magnets, and you might as well be in a big rig.

Cool for the summer

One of the biggest issues that many riders have is overheating. While they make warm weather gear— new gear is typically pretty expensive. So, bag up some ice and put it into your pockets or jacket. This is a great way to cool off, especially if you’re riding in heavy gear on a hot July afternoon. But, be sure to double bag that ice… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Keep your kickstand from sinking

If you’re pulling over for a quick break; there’s a strong chance you’ll be putting down your kickstand. But, sometimes you can run into trouble in doing this. If you’ve stopped in an area that isn’t covered in gravel— there’s the potential that your kickstand could sink. Doing so could knock your bike over, or even break your kickstand. No matter what, the outcome is pretty much the same— damaged bike.

So, you’ve got to keep it from sinking… but, how? By increasing the surface area of where it sits! A kickstand is typically quite small. Sturdy, sure, but small. So, crush a can, take some cardboard— whatever you have, and put that under the kickstand. It’ll keep your kickstand clean, but also— above ground.