Anyone who rides a motorcycle knows how great it can be. It’s a liberating way to enjoy beautiful weather, see beautiful places, and experience the thrill of the open air. Riders do so in a number of ways; some do their daily commute on a motorcycle, and some use it as a weekend getaway. No matter what you prefer, you always buy a motorcycle with more in mind than just functionality. However, the fun can quickly come to a halt when you begin to experience motorcycle-related back pain. Although there are many positives to riding, back pain is most definitely a down side.

Motorcycle-Related Back Pain: Cause and Prevention

The most important thing to know is that motorcycle-related back pain can stem from a number of different things. From posture, to support, and even weight— depending on the way you ride, and what you ride, there could be a number of causes.

What bikes are best?

So, if you’re looking to purchase a bike, and back support is a priority for you, look into your standard bike. Cruisers and Sport bikes offer much less support. Standard bikes force the rider to sit up straight, and provide that little bit of support that trains you to have good posture atop your bike. Your second best option is a cruiser. Cruisers also have that bit of support that allows for an upright posture, limiting the amount of stress. However, a sport bike forces the rider to lean forward. Thus, offering the most stress on your back and the least support.

Other factors in causing pain

There are plenty of other factors that can lead to motorcycle-related back pain. For instance, a rider’s weight may lead to discomfort in that they have to handle the bike accordingly. Furthermore, the positioning of your bike parts can cause issues. If your handlebars, seat, and foot pegs aren’t in the correct places— the way you have to sit to handle your bike can be damaging to your posture. Many people don’t think to customize their parts to their body. However, it’s worth the investment to make your riding experience a little more unique to you, and the needs of your own body.

Riding a motorcycle is a liberating feeling, and one that many people chase after. But when that bike leads to back trouble— the appeal can sink quickly. That’s where picking the right bike, positioning, and parts can make all the difference. A bike can mean back pain for many, but it doesn’t have to be that way for you.