We have all heard about slip and fall cases, but there is another huge source of premises liability, and that is negligence in security.

When you are a patron of a business, you are entitled not only to assume that the floors are nice and dry providing good traction, but also to assume that your safety will be provided for to a certain extent.  This is partially the reason why malls have security guards and the whole reason why clubs have bouncers.  Club owners know that they are serving the clubbers alcohol and that folks with alcohol are rowdy.  Thus, club owners are required to make some efforts to keep patrons safe.

The usual rule that individuals are never liable for the criminal conduct of others is bent in negligent security cases resulting in personal injury because the law treats business owner’s tort against a business invitee differently than a tort between two unrelated individuals.  If the business owner could have reasonably expected that the personal injury would occur or actually knew about the security problem and failed to fix the problem, they will be liable under the negligent security theory for damages caused by personal injury.

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