The fiancé of a murder victim has expressed outrage at the possibility of the most recently proposed “felon bill” being accepted.  The man’s soon-to-be wife was murdered at a local restaurant, and he has stated that he is very upset about the proposal making its way up to the State Legislative Building in the State Capitol.

The man’s fiancé was stabbed over 20 times inside a restaurant by a colleague.  She was pregnant at the time of the murder, and the assailant pleaded guilty to both murders.  He will be serving two consecutive life sentences.

The bill is referred to as the “ban the box” bill, and the proposal would remove the question that inquires into the whether potential employees have been convicted of a felony from city and state applications. However, the state will still be able to conduct criminal background checks on applicants, and the bill does not address private businesses.  The bill will be voted on this week, April 18th.

If many states throughout the United States, bills such as this are emerging, and they could give rise to new litigation regarding how far such a proposal can stretch. The law offices of Reeves, Aiken & Hightower, LLP are here to ensure that your rights

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