If you are a motorcycle enthusiast and owner, you’re likely excited by the idea of switching it up a bit. Most people ride during the day; they enjoy the hot days, warm sun, and seeing the sights. However, night riding can be a great way to go. You get a break from the heat, the traffic, and it’s pretty relaxing. But, it’s important to remember that night riding, just like any other type of riding comes with it’s own set of safety risks. Night riding in particular can be pretty risky if you don’t go about it in the right way. So, how can you ride at night and keep safe at the same time?

Night Riding: Motorcycle Safety After Dark

Motorcyclists cannot control the behavior of drivers around them, and at night this can be pretty risky. You have lowered visibility, and people can have a harder time seeing you as well. While there are in increased number of drivers on the roadway during the day, night time is typically when driving gets a bit more risky. You have more leisure drivers, more drunk drivers, and sometimes… no matter the time of day, negligent drivers. So, what can you do as a motorcyclist to ensure your safety?

Increased Visibility Increases Safety

A motorcyclist cannot control the behavior of other drivers. But what they can increase, is their visibility. Wearing reflective materials, applying them to your bike, or using any other tool to increase your presence can be a great proactive step to take. We’d like to think that other drivers would be observant enough to drive safely around a motorcycle. But, let’s face it, drivers often have a hard enough time doing that in the day time. So, check out your options! Whether it’s after-market headlights, tail lights, a jacket with reflective material… anything that can make you more noticeable. All in all, the more visible a rider is on any road, the safer that rider becomes.

No one is perfect, and accidents do happen… So, prevent the preventable ones.

We can’t control what will happen on any given road, at any given time. However, we can take control of our own handlebars. While driving and riding requires a certain amount of faith in the people around you; taking control of your surroundings starts with doing everything in your power to stay safe. So, figure outa solution that allows you too ride at night, but also stay visible. We wish you luck, a safe ride, and increased visibility!