Pedestrian accidents, unfortunately, cause thousands of injuries, and even deaths each year. Pedestrian accidents are especially dangerous because the person has absolutely no protection against a car. In addition, cars are much heavier and faster. Back-up collisions with pedestrians are fairly common. In addition, cars turning at intersections is another common type of pedestrian accident. Pedestrians put themselves at risk when they dart out in front of cars unexpectedly. Especially where they aren’t supposed to. To avoid accidents with pedestrians, never assume they are paying attention. In addition, always drive carefully and alertly. Hopefully, knowing some common types of accidents will make you more aware of when to be extra careful about pedestrians.

Most Common Types of Pedestrian Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Back-Up Accidents

One of the most common types of pedestrian accidents occurs when cars are backing up. Often, these can occur in parking lots. Cars have a lot to pay attention to while backing up. They are often looking for oncoming traffic and neglect to also check for walkers. In addition, many drivers rely too much on mirrors and backup cameras. This can result in them missing people in their car’s blind spot.

Turning Cars

Another source of pedestrian accidents occurs when cars are turning. This is often at intersections but can also occur when cars are turning into parking lots or driveways. If a pedestrian is walking across at the same time they can collide. In intersections, these accidents often happen when cars are turning left. When cars have protected green left-turn arrows pedestrians shouldn’t be crossing. However, walkers can be crossing the street if a car is turning left across traffic. If the driver is paying more attention to finding a gap in the traffic, they could miss a pedestrian. In addition, when cars are turning left on red they often miss pedestrians. They are paying too much attention to cars and fail to notice the humans in the intersection.

Jay Walking

Jaywalking is another source of pedestrian accidents. This occurs when walkers cross the street at an unexpected location. Cars are not usually expecting pedestrians except at intersections. So a person darting out from behind a parked car or where they aren’t supposed to can get hit easily. Similarly, pedestrians crossing at intersections out of turn can be a target for accidents. This is because drivers aren’t expecting them to be blocking intersections.

How to Avoid Accidents with Pedestrians (never assume they’re paying attention)

The easiest way to avoid accidents with pedestrians is to pay attention. This is true if you’re the pedestrian or the driver. Distracted driving is a huge source of pedestrian accidents, so always put your phone away and pay attention to the road. As a pedestrian, you similarly need to always pay attention. Never cross at inappropriate places or dart out into traffic unexpectedly. If you’re in a parking lot, watch out for reverse lights. Also, it helps to wear bright colors instead of dark clothes if you’re walking at night.

Pedestrian accidents are unfortunately all too common. They can often occur in parking lots when cars are reversing. Pedestrians should pay close attention when walking behind cars. They can also occur when cars are turning. Drivers need to always be aware and look for both traffic and walkers before turning. In addition, never run red lights. Jaywalking is also a common source of collisions as cars aren’t expecting a walker to be crossing the street. Whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver, you should never assume the other is paying attention. It’s up to everybody to be very alert when they are traveling on public roads.