Force Majeure clauses ( or Acts of God Clauses) are used in contracts to prevent someone from suffering if an intervening cause interrupts the person’s performance of the contract.

However, how can one protect themselves from natural disasters in other manners, particularly; how would one deal with rescuing a double amputee during a horrific thunderstorm turned deadly.

Accordingly, a  pontoon boat capsized on Lake Moultrie in South Carolina  this past Sunday, claiming the life of a still unidentified person. There were 6 people who were thrown from the boat, but only one fatality has been confirmed. The other 5 victims swam safely to the nearest dam and hold on until the Rescue Team arrived.

Sadly, the unidentified person drowned while attempting to rescue a double amputee who was a passenger of the pontoon boat, and also thrown from the ship during the storm.

According to Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski, she had given the locals a warning as she announced that “damaging winds and downpours are the greatest dangers from the powerful thunderstorms targeting far southeastern Virginia and the eastern Carolinas.”

It is a tragedy that one person heard the warning, but still mounted the pontoon boat, only to later drown while attempting to rescue one who could not rescue themselves.

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