It is not our job to compensate for other drivers on the road. However, it is our job to ensure our own safety and to do our part it being a good driver. Part of ensuring that safety, is keeping a maintained vehicle. When you have poorly maintained cars, parts malfunction and cause problems in the roadway. One set of motorists that are particularly affected, are motorcyclists. Adjusting to roadway conditions is difficult for everyone, but running over a rogue strip of tire has more implications for a motorcycle than it does a passenger vehicle. So, maintaining your vehicles ensures that you will not be at fault for an accident on part of someone else.

Poorly Maintained Cars: A Threat To Riders

Poorly maintained vehicles can sometimes just be an eye sore. But, that’s not the problem. The problem is that they create serious dangers on the road. For one example, a loose or dangling bumper is a danger. At any moment during a drive, an unsecured bumper could fall off in the middle of a road. If a driver has failed to properly maintain their car on the outside, this becomes a likely scenario. For any vehicle nearby, a bumper falling off can clearly cause a wreck. However, this can cause a wreck resulting in serious personal injuries for motorcyclists. Hitting a rogue bumper and bouncing back is a bit more difficult on two wheels than it is on four.

Well maintained cars not only look better, but are less of a liability.

At any rate, we must keep ourselves safe and spot poorly maintained vehicles. When riding, we must keep our distance from cars that show a lack of maintenance in case of issue. From insecure mufflers, to dents, and beat up hubcaps, any one of these things can become a serious problem. By spotting clues to lack of maintenance on cars, we can keep our distance, and be prepared for an issue to occur.

All in all, it is best to always maintain a safe driving distance from all vehicles. However, there is no telling what poorly maintained vehicles will throw into the equation. So, drive safe, be aware of changing road and car conditions, and do your part to keep your vehicle in working condition.