Receiving head injuries due to a work-related accident is more common than you might think. In general, these injuries can consist of any damage to the brain, scalp, or skull. That includes concussions, skull fractures, and scalp wounds; each injury can vary in degree and lasting effects. For this reason, some head injuries can be hard to determine when it comes to the level of seriousness. Therefore, it is important to be aware head trauma symptoms to look out for if you happen to receive a head injury on the job. While it might feel minor at the time, these symptoms can be quite telling.

Receiving Head Injuries On-the-Job: What Symptoms to Look For

 A headache. As one might guess, a headache can be one of the more common signs you are suffering from head trauma following an incident. In each case, the headache may range from mild to severe. But in either case, pay attention to how long it last. For the most part, an average headache may go away fairly quickly. It should not last into the next day. But having a long lasting headache may indicate you are suffering from some head trauma.

Nausea/spinning/ lightheaded. Another sign of head trauma can be nausea or lightheadedness. In this case, you may experience lightheadedness or spinning that brings about nausea. But in other cases, you may experience just one of these symptoms. In either case, you can also expect vomiting to accompany these feelings. Furthermore, these symptoms can be a strong indication that you are suffering from a head injury.

Ringing in the ears. One other sign of head trauma can be experiencing ringing in your ears. Since this is an odd symptom, it can help indicate that something is wrong. This ringing may be a constant beep or more like a buzz.

Recognizing the Symptoms

Recognizing the symptoms of trauma after receiving head injuries is vital to making sure you receive the proper treatment. No matter how you’e feeling after the incident, speak with your employer, file a report, and see a doctor. While a bump or bruise might feel minor, when it comes to your head— you want to make sure that you’re taken care of. Every work injury is worth reporting, but especially one that could become potentially very dangerous if left untreated.