Ride-sharing safety has been a hot topic in the media recently due to a number of incidents surrounding people getting into the wrong vehicles. In doing so, many people have ended up in harm’s way. Now, upon calling one of these services, you get a notice: check the license plate, check your driver, and be aware of every step along the way. While rider safety is absolutely a top concern— so is driver safety. We often focus in on the customer, while ride-share service drivers are just as much at risk of facing danger…

Ride-Share Service Drivers: Safety Measures 

Be aware of pickup/drop off areas 

Let’s face it: there are certain areas within every city that can are more likely to be dangerous. We don’t want to classify any rider, or resident, as a good or bad person. However, some areas merely present more of a risk. You might not want to put your riders into a box, but especially when driving late at night— consider the area you’ll be going into. Your rider might not be a problem, however, knowingly putting yourself at risk is ill-advised for ride-share service drivers — and riders too. 

Consider a recording device 

Depending on the state you’re in, there might be certain rules and regulations to using a camera inside of your car. However, in many areas, you merely have to tell the people in your car that they’re being recorded. Having this added feature is an insurance policy for you, and your vehicle. You might discourage riders from behaving badly, breaking the law, or doing something they might have considered before seeing that they’re under careful watch. This doesn’t have to be threatening— just a security measure. 

Don’t take personal calls 

Aside from security measures, also consider safety measures. Many people who have used a ride-sharing service have seen their driver take a personal call or answer a message before. You have a personal life, and people to communicate with. However, understand that you have a responsibility to keeping your riders safe. Keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on the wheel. Furthermore, make your riders change their destination within the app if they choose to do so. It’s an easy, quick change for them. However, it is another distraction if you have to do it yourself. 

Take a break 

Lastly, as ride-share service drivers, you have the unique opportunity to make your own hours. This is an undeniable benefit. However, many drivers will also put themselves in a compromising position by driving through the night. Uber and Lyft limit their drivers in terms of how long their shift can be. However, when and how you drive— is entirely up to you. Therefore, some drivers will choose to a 12 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. shift, or something similar. While this is likely a pretty profitable shift— it’s important that you take a moment here and there to stop for food, water, coffee, and a quick stretch. You want to avoid fatigue and keep your senses sharp for the long road ahead.