The Rock Hill Police Department received a disturbing phone call this past Sunday, when an 11-year-old child called to report that her mother was drunk driving while the child was a passenger in the vehicle. According to the Rock Hill police report, the 38-year-old mother was subsequently charged with a DUI and child endangerment.

When the police arrived at the child’s home, the little girl pointed out the car her mother was driving and who her mother was. The police found the vehicle parked sideways on the sidewalk, partially blocking pedestrians from the entrance way to the apartment complex.

Moreover, the child told the police that she was the only passenger on the car at the time the mother was driving; that the mom had already consumed two beers and two medium-sized margaritas; and lastly, that the mother had almost hit two cars while driving herself and the daughter home.

At first, the mother was hostile towards the police until that amounted in failure. In a second attempt, the mother became flirtatious with the officer, winking and calling one “love,” in attempts to escape charges.

Fortunately, the flirting had no impact and the mother was properly charged.

As we all know and appreciate, small children are the most vulnerable among us, and great care must be taken to protect their safety. Accidents can happen quickly if proper steps are not taken by those in charge of their welfare. Despite our best intentions, however, needless accidents still happen, and injuries will occur. Hopefully, the injuries will be minor.

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