Police in Rock Hill, South Carolina have arrested a man while he was riding on his scooter.  The Blog-Handcuff and Jeansman was thereafter issued his fourth DUI.

According to the Police Report, officers were at a red light at the intersection of Cherry Road and Oakland Avenue when they reported to have viewed a man on a scooter stop at the light, pass the white line, and then proceed to run through the red light.

The officers, who were sitting at the intersection, arrested the 26-year-old man, who informed them that he had just left from a Rock Hill bar.  The man was subsequently taken to Moss Justice Center where they registered his B.A.C. at 0.17, which is more than double the legal limit for adult drivers.

Here, the fact that the man was on a scooter does not affect his status as a DUI offender.  If someone is driving on the roads in South Carolina, while intoxicated, they will receive a DUI regardless of what they are driving or riding.  Therefore, it is imperative to attack the procedure surrounding the DUI, and whether the police were acting within the confines of the South Carolina DUI procedural rules.

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