On July 1, Circuit Court Judge Michael Nettles included in Cassandra Tolley’s sentence an unusual task: the defendant must do some bible study, a report on the Book of Job.  Tolley had pled guilty to Felony DUI.  She was heavily drunk (0.33% Blood Alcohol Content) back in November when she crossed the yellow and seriously injured two men in York County.

In addition to writing a report on the Book of Job, Tolley is sentenced to 8 years in prison followed by 5 years probation.

The unusual part of this all around tragic story, the fact that a York County judge would include in a criminal sentence a religious task, apparently is not unconstitutional.  As it turns out, since the task of penitence was included in a plea deal, and thus Tolley consented to it, it is not an unconstitutional religious imposition.

According to the Rock Hill Herald, the idea for the report on Job came not from the bench, but rather from New Vision Free Will Baptist pastor Daggett Duncan.

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