The days, weeks, or even months following a work injury can be particularly difficult on the person facing injury and recovery. They’re dealing with financial stress, loneliness, and a loss of life quality. For these reasons, and many others, having a solid support system post-injury makes a big difference in how your loved one copes and recovers. So, what can you do to help get the people you love through this difficult time?

Support System Post-Injury: Lifting up Loved Ones

Give them your company 

Sure, you can cook meals, clean, run errands, or do other chores and it will be greatly appreciated. But, more than anything you set aside time for, keeping them company is at the top of the list. When facing an injury of any kind, you quickly begin to realize that the world is going on around, and without, you. Your friends are going out, playing sports, shopping, your place of work is still moving along… When you consider the fact that time hasn’t stopped, your condition can begin to feel quite lonely. 

This is where a support system post-injury comes in. Depression, anxiety, and general loneliness are extremely common amongst injured workers. Therefore, taking some time to sit with them, have a conversation, or watch a movie, can brighten someone’s day. 

Check in 

You have a busy schedule, and we understand that. You have family, work, and maybe you even live in a different city or state. Therefore, when you can’t be there physically— be there in another way. Checking in with your loved ones can be as simple as sending a text and saying, ‘I’m thinking of you’. A support system post-injury can look plenty of different ways.

Encourage them to ‘let it out’

There are a lot of feelings that come along with a work injury. Not to mention, on top of that, you’re spending more time alone than you’re used to. No to mention, when you have no one to listen, and no way to exert injury? It’s easy for those feelings to bottle up. So, whether you go for a visit or just a phone call, encourage them to speak freely. It doesn’t matter if you’re three hundred miles away. Doing a little, and listening, can go a long, long way.