An intoxicated Rock Hill man’s pants fell to the ground when authorities confronted him Saturday after he drove his car into a curb before registering a .23 blood alcohol level, police say.

A driver called police to report that a reckless driver in front of them hit a curb at the 700 block of Heckle Boulevard before pulling into a restaurant and then parking in the street’s median, according to a Rock Hill Police report. When officers arrived, the driver, got out the car and stood in front of police.  That’s when his pants fell to the ground, the report states. The defendant failed three different field sobriety tests and registered a .23 blood alcohol concentration after a breath test. The legal limit in South Carolina is .08.

Nobody wants to see himself embarrassed in front of his community by having his drunken antics and driving under the influence (DUI) arrest being read in the newspaper by everyone the next morning.  Unfortunately, once the person is arrested and charged with DUI, little can be done to stop the public from being kept in the dark on the charges.  The assistance of a lawyer can greatly help to mitigate the stress created by the harsh public disdain DUI charges bring by seeking to reach the best possible outcome for the client.

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