Last Saturday night in Rock hill, a motorcyclist and a driver colliderock hill-old townd, putting them both in the hospital and shutting down on of the busiest streets in Rock Hill: Dave Lyle Boulevard.

Dave Lyle, as Rock Hillians refer to it as, is a stretch right off of Interstate 77 where multiple accidents often occur. The issue seems to be related to distractions and lights, as it is most often reported.

In the case at hand, the 31-year-old female motorists was not wearing her helmet, and slammed into a vehicle while pulling off of the highway and onto Dave Lyle.

The 31-year-old was thrown from her motorcycle and quickly rushed to the hospital with serious injuries via helicopter.

The driver of the motor vehicle also suffered injury, but they were minor in comparison. She is expected to make a full recovery.

If a motorcycle is in a collision with a larger vehicle the damage to the motorcycle is generally greater and the chances of serious injury to the motorcycle driver are greater. Motorcycles do not offer the same structural protections that other vehicles offer. If you are driving on the roads take notice of motorcycles on the road and keep in mind to drive more cautiously around them. Some common causes of motorcycle accidents include cars making a left turn in front of a motorcycle, not checking blind spots before changing lanes, and cars pulling out on the street in front of motorcycles.

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