There is always “bar talk” about how many drinks (alcohol, wine, beer) a person can have before they are considered “legally drunk”? While many profess to know the answer, there actually is no true scientific basis to calculate same with any certainty. An individual’s blood alcohol level is affected by a number of factors including age, weight, gender, time of day, physical condition, food consumed prior to taking a drink, other drugs or medication taken, and tolerance level. One thing we do know is that eating while drinking slows down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, thereby resulting in a lower BAC level. Always remember that alcohol affects everyone differently. If you rarely drink, you could be severely impaired by a single beer. The only real conclusion reached is that impairment begins with the first drink, and that by the time you “feel drunk,” you’re probably already past the legal limit.

The Department of Justice estimates that over 1.4 million drivers were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics in 2005 (the latest data available). The arrest rate works out to one arrest for every 139 licensed drivers in the United States. Although these are the latest arrest figures, it is doubtful these numbers have improved. Sadly, DUI and DWI arrests continue to rise every year, and legislatures around the country continue to pass even stricter and harsher laws.

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