South Carolina, for whatever reason, has two statutes that the state can use to charge you for essentially the same offense: driving drunk.  The first and more traditional is DUI, driving under the influence.  The second is somewhat newfangled and is symptomatic of the trend of trying to convict as many people as possible, with as little process as possible, of driving drunk: DUAC, driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration.

DUI requires as an element that the driver actually have been impaired, that question goes to the jury.  DUI does require some evidence that the defendant have been under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, but there needn’t be a blood alcohol concentration test of any kind.  Like impairment, the question of whether the impairment was caused by drugs or alcohol goes to the jury.

DUAC merely requires that the blood alcohol concentration of the defendant have been 0.08% or above and that he or she have been operating a motor vehicle.  As such, DUAC requires that there have been some sort of BAC test like a breathalyzer test.

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