An officer from Greenville County has just been terminated from his deputy position, after the force caught wind that the officer had been arrested and charged with a DWI in North Caristock-police officerolina.

The officials have reported that the deputy was driving on Morehead Road in Charlotte, when he was pulled over by a North Carolina trooper for suspicion of driving while impaired, or DWI in North Carolina.

In South Carolina, this charge would be referred to as a DUI, or driving under the influence. However, the result is essentially the same. For more information on the difference between the two, visit the provided link here.

Consequently, as a result of the above mentioned officer’s arrest, he was terminated from his position on the South Carolina Patrol Force.

This termination ended the officer’s ten year stint with the team, as he began working for them in November of 2002.

It is not a crime to drink. However, it is a crime in both North and South Carolina to drink and drive. If you have been charged with a DUI in South Carolina, or a DWI in North Carolina, contact the law offices of Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower, LLP toll-free at 877-374-5999.