Your Second or Subsequent DUI Offense:DUI Defense Attorney

If the event that you have been charged with a second or subsequent DUI, you may be forced to surrender your registration to your vehicle, including the license plates on any vehicles you may own.

If you are then convicted of the subsequent DUI, you can be required to spend anywhere from five to 30 days in jail, pendent on the driver’s BAC level at the time of arrest. In this event, the State’s legislature has now removed the possibility of substituting community service in lieu of a jail sentence for second time offenders.

If it is your second DUI, and your BAC level was .08 or higher, then there is a mandatory jail sentence of at least five days, but it could extend to a full year. The fine for these sentence will be anywhere from $2100 to over $5000.

If the offender’s BAC level is between a .1 and .15, he will face a mandatory jail sentence time of at least 30 days, but it could extend to 2 years. This fine can be over $5,500.

In the event that the BAC level is .16 or above, the offender is going to spend at minimum 90 days in prison, and up to 3 years depending on exterior factors. This fine will be anywhere from $3,500 to a whopping $6,500.

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