In South Carolina there has been an increase in fatalities in accidents involving motorcycles according to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. The number of fatalities in motor vehicles has gone down however. In 2011 there were 102 fatalities in motorcycle accidents compared to 82 the year previously. This is sad news for those who enjoy riding their motorcycles on the roads in South Carolina. The reason for this increase is likely not just people who drive motorcycles but other people who in larger vehicles around them. In order to reduce these numbers drivers must undertake to driver safer around motorcycles.

If a motorcycle is in a collision with a larger vehicle the damage to the motorcycle is generally greater and the chances of serious injury to the motorcycle driver are greater. Motorcycles do not offer the same structural protections that other vehicles offer. If you are driving on the roads take notice of motorcycles on the road and keep in mind to drive more cautiously around them. Some common causes of motocycle accidents include cars making a left turn in front of a motorcycle, not checking blindspots before changing lanes, and cars pulling out on the street in front of motorcycles.

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