Saturday night was a busy one for the South Carolina Highway Patrol after a horrific motorcycle accident.                         Motorcycle DWI Attorney

The Investigators report that the accident occurred in South Carolina, on South Railroad Avenue a little before 8:15 p.m.

The police reports state that the driver/victim of the Kawasaki Motorcycle was travelling southbound, when it rammed into the back of a Toyota 4-door while it was attempting to turn into a private driveway.

The defendant has been identified as a 38-year-old from Ridgeville. Sadly, the man was not wearing his helmet at the time of the accident that took his life.

The particular accident is still being investigated by the South Carolina Highway Patrol and more details will be released soon. All we know thus far is that the man did not survive the crash. Others were taken to the nearest hospital for observation, but have since been released in stable condition.

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