Temporary Suspension on your license in SC:SC Defense Attorney

In the state of South Carolina, after you have received six points on your license, you will receive a warning letter from the SCDMV stating that you need to be more careful when driving, or in other words “stop being a reckless driver!” After you receive 12 points, then you may have your license temporarily suspended.

You must immediately surrender your license over the DMV, or else you will be fined heavily and possible placed in jail under contempt until you surrender your license.

The more points that you accumulate after 12, the longer your suspension time will be.

Accordingly, South Carolina dictated the following: “12 -15 points: three months suspension; “16 -17 points: four months suspension; “18 – 19 points: five months suspension, and lastly, “20 or more points: your license will be suspended for six months.”

However, things can still get worse; you may have your license suspended immediately if a certain violation is committed.

Immediate Suspension on your license in SC:

As stated above, certain driving violations will force you to surrender your license immediately over to the DMV or perhaps the arresting officer.

Most of the “immediate suspension” revocations occur when a DUI of some degree has occurred. The SCDMV has listed the following DUIs as violations requiring an automatic suspension/revocation: “1st Offense of a DUI: results in a six-month suspension; ” 2nd offense of a DUI: results in a one year suspension;” 3rd offense DUI: results on a three-year suspension.”

Moreover, of an automobile owner is driving while uninsured, he may have to immediately surrender his license and pay a fee of $550 dollars. In South Carolina, of you fail to obtain an, SR-22 insurance policy (if required), result in a suspension and reinstatement fee $400.

If you are convicted of a DUI or for having too many points on your driver’s license, then you should contact an attorney to help you with the complex system. Contact the law offices of Reeves, Aiken, and Hightower, LLP toll-free at 877-374-5999 for more information on your options.