A 19-year-old SC teen reacted quickly Saturday morning, when he approached a burning vehicle and proceeded to pull a 54-year-old woman out of fiery car.

The teen was driving home from a friend’s house along U.S. 301, near Raccoon Road, when he spotted the burning 1999 Chevrolet that had wrecked just minutes before. Apparently, the woman driver ran off the right side of the road only moments before it caught aflame. Once stopped, the teen could hear a woman’s voice coming from inside the wrecked vehicle. The teen and another man, wielding crowbars, broke out the driver’s side window.  The woman was able to unfasten her seatbelt so that she could be pulled out of her car to safety.

As they were all backing away from the burning car, an explosion occurred, fully engulfing the car with flames.  Firefighters arrived shortly thereafter to put out the fire.  Claredon Fire Chief commented that  there was not much firefighters could have done for the woman if it had not been for the civilian rescue.

The woman was subsequently transported to Claredon Memorial Hospital for injuries. It is reported that she will be charged with DUI .

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